Best Camping Tents 2017 – List with Reviews

Going for camping with friends or family and having questions like which camping tent to choose, what is the best camping tents in 2017 ?

If yes, then you are at perfect place. Here we will review each popular camping tent brands. So that you will get best deal to go for and then no need to buy a old or rent camping tents for your your trip.


Best Camping Tents 2017 - List with Reviews


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Before we directly jump to outdoor camping tent list let me tell you something. These camping tent are already special means we manually check each and every tent in market and now we presenting best camping tents list. In this list we will try to mention best and unique feature of every individual tent. We also look to tent quality and its popularity among people.


Best Camping Tents 2017 List

 Tent NameMaterial Type 
1Coleman 2000018295PolyesterCheck Price
2Coleman 6-Person Instant CabinPolyesterCheck Price
3Wenzel 8 Person Klondike TentPolyesterCheck Price
4Mountain Trails Grand PassNylonCheck Price
5Coleman Weather Master PolyesterCheck Price
6Ozark Trail 10 PersonPolyesterCheck Price
7Coleman 4-Person Instant CabinPolyesterCheck Price
8Lightspeed Outdoors Ample PolyesterCheck Price
9Coleman Evanston Screened PolyesterCheck Price
10CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin NylonCheck Price
11Coleman Instant Dome PolyesterCheck Price


1. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14’x10′)


Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14'x10') - Bestinol

  • Quality Material – This Coleman camping tent is made in the USA, which means we can trust the quality of material. Not like china product which is same in price but not that much durable. If you are looking for cheap camping tents then this might not be.
  • Good space –  This tent can easily handle 6 to 7 person inside it. As it is made for 8 people max.
  • Large window and doors – It becomes really important for such a long and big tent to offer proper ventilation, which this tent has. The company has taken care of ventilation in proper way so that fresh air can come in. Not just window, company also provide two door in this tent.
  • Weather Tec system – This tent is made for the harsh condition so we can accept good resistance by this tent in strong wind. Also, good thing about Coleman tent is that they are water proof. Now we can enjoy rain in this tent without getting wet.




2. Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent - Bestinol

  • Spacious interior – This Coleman tent is good for 2 queen beds where 6 to 5 person can stay or sleep inside it. This tent is  10 x 9 ft. footprint and in the center its height is up to 6 ft. 2 in which is very good.
  • Fast and easy setup – Because of  pre-assembled poles this tent can be setup by a single person in just few minutes. Which is very good in the case where we do not want to spend hours to set up a big tent.
  • Greater visibility in night – This tent has good feature among other which is Illuminate reflective guide lines which provide greater visibility at night.
  • Weather protected – Built-in vented rain-fly for extra weather protection from rain and the wind.




3. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent - Bestinol

  • 8-person family dome tent – Generally dome tent created for small number of people who will stay inside it. Allowing 8 people inside and having dome shape provide this tent a highlight feature.
  • Weather repellent polyester – Polyester is the highlight of this tent which make this tent so special. Because of the polyester this tent is so light compare to its size. Polyester provide this tent two type of benefit. First it will save it from weather and second it is light material to carry .
  • Full mesh roof option – Roof of this wenzel tent is not normal. It come with mesh option, which is solid towards any weather condition like rain and snow fall.
  • Too much height – 16 x 6.5 x 11 feet (W x H x D) Dimension of this tent clearly show that this tent can handle long person inside it. So if you are family or group of people who have long height and worry about space then this tent which you can prefer.




4. Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent - Bestinol

  • Nylon – This Mountain Trails Grand Pass camping tent is made of Nylon, which is a strong material generally good to resist air and water.
  • Dome shape – This tent created very smartly. To reduce weight and everything, this tent have some height at the center where it is require most. This dome structure will utilize space and also to tackle high speed wind and waterfall. Well yes this dome structure also cause low head room at corner of tent but  in mid of tent there is enough head space for a tall man.
  • Fiberglass frame – This is what missing in various large family size tent. Fiberglass frame, as name tell excellent and tough material to resist any kind of stress.
  • Roof vents and window – Good thing about this tent with compare to other tent is that this tent having perfect dimension with perfect ventilation. Tent containing two window which is good for summer season camping. These window also give a pleasant view when we went in some hilly area.
  • 2 large doors – As this tent is design for large number of people so this outdoor camping tent have two entrance. Any of the side can be used as entrance or for exit.




5. Coleman Weather Master 10 Person Tent

 Coleman Weather Master 10 Person Hinged Door Tent - Bestinol
  • Space – Talking about space then this tent is really huge. 10 person family can easily come all together in this tent. Dimension of tent is around three queen size bed can be place inside it. Good thing about space is that, we just not get room to sleep we also get space to put our important luggage inside it. This tent having space for our backpacks and other important stuffs. With dimension 31 x 11.9 x 11.8 inches and weight upto 37 pound this tent standing tall among all.
  • Weather proof –  This camping tent is among the best tents which is made, only for resisting various weather condition. Authorities specially tested this large camping tent in rain and high wind. In rainy season we can definitely trust on this tent because it has dry designing technique which not allow water to come inside.
  • Strong Poles –  With this camping tent we are not going to face any issue which is related to poles strength. It is light weighted which is made of strong material. Light weight of poles make this tent easy to transfer.
  • Polyester body – Tent material is made up of polyester which has good strength. Polyester resist air and cold very good, so it is go to kind of product, if we want to take this in cold place.
  • Quick access – access in this 10 person camping tent is very easy and smooth. It has multiple entrance, all we have to do is just pull down the zipper.




6. Ozark Trail 10-PersonFamily Cabin Tent


Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent - Bestinol

  • One center and two side door – This tent having capacity of 10 people, so because of this much heavy number of people this tent have total three doors. Which will good for condition when instantly people want to come in or go out.
  • Six window – This camping tent is perfect for ventilation with total 6 window not only we will breath fresh air but also we will get chance to see all 360-degree view. Also these windows are perfectly placed so we don’t have to worry about any leakage of water during bad time.
  • Fits 3 queen mattress – In this tent we can easily put 3 queen size mattress. Having this much space is good. With that 3 mattress still there is good amount of space left, which can be use for luggage. Good thing with this tent is that it has an extra pouch for electronic devices.




7. Coleman 4 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Coleman 4 Person Instant Cabin Tent - Bestinol

  • Polyester body – This tent body is made up of polyester. Polyester is good material for tent because it is cheap and light which resist weather at some good extent.
  • Spacious interior – This tent have sufficient space for 6 person who are going to stay or sleep inside. Not just space this tent also have extra luggage space. To store electric items this tent also has some secure pockets.
  • Pre-assembled poles – Arranging tent will become headache when we have to arrange poles. Poles are like puzzle for us which have to be in specific place. But good thing with this tent is that, we don’t have to worry about poles position. This camping tent already has assembled poles. These pre-assembled poles makes this tent an instant setup tent.
  • Full weather proof – Fighting against weather is the key feature of this tent. Authorities have taken care of all weather condition like rain, wind and also for snowfall.




8. Light speed Outdoors Ample 6-Person Tent

Light speed Outdoors Ample 6-Person Instant Tent - Bestinol

  • Half dome – This tent has very good space compare to other tents in same price. This tent is half dome at corner which result good head space at the center of tent.
  • Quick setup – Tent take only few minute for setup. A single person can easily setup it. In just minute tent is ready because of simple design and press able poles.
  • Large front door – This tent have large door among all tent because this tent have no extra door. Authority says that at a time two people can go inside and also they provide a good zipper to close this large area.
  • Good dimension – 158.5 x 80.5 x 55-inches (LxWxH) Tent have good dimension which show good head space for 6 people. Tent also has enough length and breadth so that 6 people can sleep inside.




9. Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent - Bestinol

  • Keeps bugs out – In forest area bug inside tent is a major problem. This tent design works great to keep bugs and insect out from the tent and make a pleasant area for sleep.
  • 4 large windows – Ventilation is very important if we planning to stay inside of a tent for a long time or going to sleep inside it. This tent come up with 4 large windows which provide enough air for 6 people, so that they not feel any air problem inside. This tent window also help to provide a good view of surrounding.
  • Easy setup – This tent came with easy setup no need to spend hours on manual for setup. All we need to stretch tent backpack and just a little mind to arrange it .




10. CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent - Bestinol

A very giant size camping tent of dimension 79.2 x 120 x 216 inches and weight upto 52 pounds.  If you are looking for space then we can guarantee that, no family camping tent provide you space better than this. Just have a look to these features :

  • Instant 2 minute setup – Thinking that this tent will take hours of time because of its huge structure then we are completely wrong. Company take care of all complexity which come during setup of a large people tent. Good thing is that this tent comes with assurance that this camping tent will take only two minutes for setup.
  • Water block technology –  It has a unique technology which is water blockage. If there is a situation where water come inside water then this ten having feature to block that leakage from inside.
  • Room dividers – This is a very rare feature, divide then tent in room from inside. Room dividers are good option when we need a personal space when staying with a group of different people.




11. Coleman Instant Dome Tent

Coleman Instant Dome Tent - Bestinol

  • Simple to setup – Time require to set up a dome tent is always less compare to cabin tents. Coleman Dome tent is good when less number of people going to stay or sleep inside it. Dome tent generally have less space. In this tent there is less head space compare to a cabin tent.
  • Light and Compact – If you need camping tent for some extreme trekking or for some extreme height place then this dome tent is best deal for you.
  • Less Head Space – Dome tent are generally created for sleeping. We will not recommend this tent if you want to stay in this tent for a long time, as it is not good if you want to stand inside it.
  • Weather protected – This tent is strong to resist heavy wind and rain, in fact, this tent can resist snowfall also. Because of its dome structure, which provides a good geometrical shape.




So finally we are down with this best camping tents 2017 review article. Here we want to mention you that if you want to buy a camping tent then you can go for any one which we recommend. Also you can rent camping tent or buy a old camping tent. We try to mention best and popular tents of 2017 in this list, which can be used for outdoor camping or for normal family camping. If we forgot to mention any tent which you think should be in this list then please let us know.

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